About us

Our Healthcare Platform is a platform for developing and improving community social services.

The work of the Platform is carried out on a voluntary basis and its decisions are of a recommendatory nature.

The platform brings together communities that have best practices or successful health initiatives. The best national and international experts are involved in the work of the platform.

The platform provides consulting assistance, expert support and other services to its members in the field of creating a safe environment, studies and implements in the lives of communities best practices, successful foreign experience.

The mission of the platform is to promote the harmonious development of members of society, lobby their interests, participate in improving health legislation. Monitoring issues in the field of health care reform reform Improve the skills of health care workers.

The strategic goal of the platform is to promote the harmonious development of the humanitarian space.

Our goals:

  • improving the quality of services in health care facilities;
  • introduction of interaction in health care institutions;
  • training of health care workers;
  • counseling and methodological assistance on inter-municipal cooperation in the field of health care;
  • creating an effective system for providing services in community health facilities;

Our tasks:

  • study of the best world experience, exchange of experience and dissemination of information on the quality of medical services;
  • assistance and support in the creation, formation and establishment of effective work of their own departments that provide medical services in which such departments already exist, assistance in improving their development;
  • development of general recommendations for the formation and implementation of an effective health care system with the provision of medical services;
  • collection of best practices with the participation of experts with the participation of community authorities;
  • develop proposals for improving both legislation and practical tools in the field of health care;
  • combine the most professional practices to develop implementation of other tasks at the request of association members and platform members.