How to become healthier

How to become healthier in all spheres of life? Here are 30 small steps you can take to create a happy and healthy lifestyle.

I guess we all sometimes think that our lives and our health need some improvement. But as soon as you look around and read various books on the subject, you will soon be overwhelmed by the number of tips, programs and theories.

We do not want you to be paralyzed by analysis. Changing any habit is a job, and depending on how long or how often you do it, implementing new ways of life can be harder or easier.

For now, just take one or two of our tips from the list below and make a commitment to do it every day or every other day, depending on how much energy and time you have. Just be consistent, a little will go a long way.

All of these steps can go a long way, from vegetarianism or vegan to filling the kitchen with healthy food or helping your children enjoy more plant-based meals.

Making just one tiny wand of habits can help you and your loved ones become healthier - and you will be rewarded with a better feeling!

Change almost never happens right away - instead of being overwhelmed and doing nothing, just start with what you do. Choose from the list below!

Bananas are always a good base, and frozen fruits can add a nice texture. Don't go too crazy with the ingredients, and if you're new to this, stay on the sweet one. Sit back and enjoy!

2. Prepare food

Pre-cook a whole bunch of rice (or any starch of your choice) and some vegetables or beans for the next few evenings so you can have a hearty and nutritious dinner as soon as possible.
The easiest way to do this is with an instant pot. When you're done, just put all the food in separate containers in the refrigerator.

3. Get inspired

Make it a habit to read and try reading a couple of pages in one of your favorite inspirational books.
If you don't already have one, we recommend that you check out this page.

4. Quit smoking

Easier said than done, right? However, smoking and tobacco are bad habits that can cause heart disease and cancer of the mouth, throat or lungs.
There are so many books, groups and programs that can help you quit smoking forever. Just try it!

5. Throw away dairy products

Replace your coffee sour cream and sugar in Joe's morning cup with some vegetable milk, either without sweetener or without calories, such as stevia.
Milk milk is our number 1 source of saturated fats, it is harmful to the environment and even worse for cows and mothers. Instead, we recommend soy or oat milk!

6. Eat more foods that contain starch

Eat more complex carbohydrates such as potatoes, rice, bean burritos or some whole grain pasta. These products give you stable energy, while keeping you from the burden of dessert or cravings for animal products based on calories.

7. Eat fruit as a snack

Yes, this is a classic but effective option: snack on fruit instead of chocolate bars. Nature's candies will give you a nice amount of essential nutrients and moisturize your body at the same time.

8. More colors!

Did you know that all the bright colors you see in the aisle offer a variety of essential nutrients?
They help us remove free radicals loaded with prebiotic fibers and promote longevity. Start with fruits and vegetables that you already like, try them boiled or raw, mix them into strips, soups or sauces.

9. Avoid sugary drinks

Carbonated drinks, sweetened coffee or tea and fruit juices contain many refined carbohydrates. Unfortunately, if consumed in excess, they can increase the risk of developing high diseases or diabetes and contribute to excess body fat!
Try a natural sweetened almond milk latte, soda or unsweetened tea instead.

10. Eat more legumes

Numerous studies have shown that replacing animal protein with plant protein is the right way if you want to live a long and healthy life.
This is a very good reason to start including more sources of healthy protein in your diet, such as legumes! They can even be hidden in strips or soups. No one will say a delicious bean burrito.

11. Dancing

Play your favorite music and dance, even jump if you can. This is not only good for your mood, but also for your arteries, lymphatic system and waist line!

12. Healthy sleep

Set an alarm in the evening and disconnect all devices from the mains at a certain time. This will allow you to relax before bed at a decent time and get some sleep. I know it's hard, but try to be very strict about it and take it as a quality time!

13. Keep your body moving

Do not sit for more than 1 hour at a time if possible, as this can significantly reduce your life expectancy.
Get up regularly, relieve stress, stretch, draw water or take a deep breath by the window, whether it's at work or while watching Netflix.

14. Reduce screen usage time

While we are at this: from time to time move away from the screens, do not go to the 7-8-hour marathon of work, watching videos, writing emails and scrolling social networks.
Disconnect yourself from the virtual world and slow down. If you have 30 minutes to linger on Facebook, you have 10 minutes (or more) for meditation, yoga or even a short workout.

15. More green vegetables

Add some greens for lunch or dinner to enhance nutrition and crunchiness. Be creative, make wraps, put them in sauces or casserole dishes, steam them or make a quick green smoothie. You can also make cabbage chips for the next movie night if it sounds like you!

16. Remains of lunch

Do not grab lunch at a nearby store, try to cook it yourself at home.
It could even be last night's leftovers or a whole grain sandwich with some nuts and grapes. Volume cooking will also come in handy.

17. Try a morning routine

Set your alarm 10 minutes early and practice yoga or mindfulness in bed, perhaps listening to soothing music while doing so. Drink a glass of water, write a diary for a few minutes, everything that most resembles self-care!
It doesn't have to be exhausting or perfect, it's just a matter of gradually waking up and connecting with your body.

18. Health examinations

Even if you feel well, it is recommended that you see your doctor regularly. These visits can help you avoid problems in the future by detecting high blood pressure or small tumors early.
Especially if you feel bad, do not consult unprepared people on the Internet! Have someone well trained to address your concerns.

19. Strengthen your thinking

Listen to encouraging words while doing household chores, driving a car or even taking a nap. Powerful phrases can change your thinking to become more positive, gentle, productive and clear. Try to get used to a more positive inner voice!

20. Have quality breaks

Use the lunch break to go outside and get away from what you do for 8 hours a day. Changing the situation can help you come back with more energy and motivation. Extra points for eating your own lunch instead of taking away!

21. Prepare vegetable strips

If you don't like eating a lot of vegetables, we understand that. But what about their drinking? From spinach to carrots, beets, celery and cabbage - the combination is endless.
Add some fruit to make them taste less bitter. A juicer is not necessary, a good blender will do. Or how to drink some fresh juice if you are on the street and are going to make everything very convenient in the beginning?

22. Practice gratitude

When you feel stuck and unhappy, think of at least 5 things you are grateful for now. It makes you realize that you would be fine if nothing changed in your life, and relieves the pressure to help you think straight.
This can be turned into a daily ritual or Thanksgiving diary, which is similar to preventing a general bad mood.

23. Reduce oil consumption

Try cooking without oil, take non-stick cookware and steam the vegetables in water, not fry them. Here are some simple oil-free cooking techniques. This will keep your arteries healthier and your waist slimmer.

24. Eat more whole foods

Choose everything you eat from whole foods. Eat black bread instead of white, buy whole grain pasta, whole grain crackers and more.
This also applies to olives or nuts instead of oil! Such food exchanges will give you more nutrients, and fiber will keep you full longer.

25. Personal connections

Call your loved one, meet her somewhere and have a relaxing, inspiring conversation. Plus points for his hugs, because it's very good for your hormones (this also applies to pet care). We all need loving relationships.

26. Moisturize regularly

Take a large bottle of water and label it with time-oriented goals.
Take a marker and start drawing lines to outline the amount of water you would like to drink until a certain time each day. This makes your goals clear and you will be sure to be hydrated throughout the day. Fill once or twice if you want.

27. Get nutrients

We all need to make sure we get enough nutrients, not too many.
While vegans should take a B12 supplement and be aware of consuming plants high in calcium, iron and zinc, carnivores should limit their saturated fats and generally consume more fiber. Find our in-depth resource to meet all your nutrients here.

28. Digestive rest

Try to eat dinner early enough for you to fast for 12-14 hours. For example, if you have breakfast around 7 am, make your last meal at 5pm.
This does not mean calorie restriction, but rather redistribution.

29. Visualize your goals

Make a list of what you really want and imagine your goals and successes every day. It will make you happy, and you will want to work harder, that is, it will become a reality much faster.
You can even create a vision board with pictures of what you would like to achieve and hang it on the wall for some visual motivation.

30. Get a good night's sleep

Sleep at least 8 hours a night and try to go to bed before midnight to support your body's recovery mechanisms and reduce the risk of chronic disease.
If you are still tired in the morning, go to bed half an hour earlier until you find the right amount of sleep to feel refreshed and energized.

Get healthier every day!

Once you understand how you want to become healthier and what habits you want to incorporate into your daily life, be sure to keep track of it.

Link them to something you already do, and maybe even make a checklist to see if you stick to it most of the time.

Many of these small changes have important health benefits, and it's great to look back one day and see how you have stepped up to a better life.

Your list can also hold you accountable, and you can share it with family or friends to inspire them. Who knows, maybe they will even join in, making it even easier and more enjoyable!

Recording successes helps to focus on the positive and strengthen the motivation to take on big projects.